THANK YOU for your interest in
Volunteering for the Best of Tahoe Chefs 2019!

This important fundraiser could not happen without the commitment and dedication of our many amazing volunteers. Through your participation, our cancer patients and their families are provided with vital services and programs that are so critical in their journey to wellness.

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As a Volunteer, your generous contribution of time and talent has a significant impact!!

Volunteer roles have the following requirements:

  • Attire: black slacks and a white collared shirt or blouse with comfortable black shoes (nametags and festive accessories will be provided)
  • A mandatory training on Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 12:00 Noon - 1:00PM OR 5:30 - 6:30pm in the Eskridge Conference Room located at 10121 Pine Avenue in Truckee, CA
  • Time commitments the day of the event are typically 3:30 - 9:30pm

Volunteer Duties:

You will welcome our guests and set the stage for our gala. In addition to a warm greeting, you will provide information and assistance that will ensure an incredible guest experience.

You will join the party by being connected with a table of guests all your own! This event is a fundraiser and our guests are well educated in the weeks leading up to the event, about the importance of their participation to our cancer patient programs and services. You will introduce yourself to your table of guests and they will know you are dedicated only to them. Throughout the evening, you will be their advocate by ensuring that the auctioneers know when your guests are participating in the live auctions, which include Community Generosity and Live Chef Auctions. In addition, you will be the silent auction runner for your table, helping your guests know when they've been outbid. 

If you prefer a bit of mingling with the guests combined with a passion for providing information about our amazing line-up of Silent Auction Chefs, you might assist with the silent auction. It takes a certain talent and skill to know when to approach an interested guest and strike up a conversation about our silent chef offerings. Once you get to know a few of the bidders, you'll know who to find to remind that they've been outbid, so they can get back in the game!

For generously providing your time and talent, your evening will include an early, exclusive volunteer dinner, with snacks and beverages available throughout the evening.

If you're more of a behind-the-scenes person who enjoys being part of the production, but wishes for a less public way to have a huge impact, there are important job responsibilities awaiting your skills:

Event Setup
There is such a limited time for setup before a major event that it is so appreciated to have all hands on deck! These key volunteers will start work at 12:00 Noon on Sunday, June 2nd. Responsibilities will include placing items at guests tables and putting on chair covers. Your assistance may be required for 2 hours.

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For questions or more info, contact:

Tahoe Forest Health System Foundation at or 530-582-6277