Edit the Home page

To edit the homepage, click the edit tab on the homepage when logged in to the CMS or browse to the homepage from the Content page and click edit.

Image Slider
This is the area to add images to the homepage slider.  Images will be cropped to 980 x 288 px.

This is the text that will appear directly under the image slider.

This is the content that appears directly under the Body content.

Add Sponsor Logos

To add sponsor logos or edit existing sponsors logos, click the edit tab on the Major Sponsors page

Fnd the category to which you wish to add a logo, browse to the logo file, and upload. The display text for each category can be changed by editing the text field above each logo upload area. Logo files are automatically scaled by the CMS.

Add a Chef

To add a chef, choose Chef from the Add content menu. Fill in the corresponding fields.

Editing chef pages can be done by finding the chef on the Chefs page and clicking "edit chef >" below the chef's bio.

This is a field for the Chef's last name only. This is used fror alphabetizing purposes on the chefs page.

Chef's Name
This is a field for the chef's full name. First and Last.

Add a Basic Page

To add a basic page, choose Basic Page from the Add content menu. Fill in the corresponding fields.

This is the title of the page.

Upload the banner image that appears at the very top of the page here. The Banner image will be automatically cropped and sized to 980 x 211 pixels. This image is required and will be filled by a default image if nothing is loaded.

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